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"Great is too tame a word.  This is really fine music."  Jackson Browne's Doug Haywood

"Great voice, super songwriting and soothing guitar too. If this were food, you'd want to supersize your order!" Lonny Brooks writer for Wood & Steel -Taylor Guitars

"When Whittemore starts trilling her notes, cats will purr and birds will want to help her with household chores. Magically pretty folk." Listen.com

Many thanks - wonderful!! - it's releases like yours why I do all I do .. that keep me going! Lord Litter - Lord Litter Radio Show  (Belgium, Germany)

"She's Cedar City's own Jewel-with a little Sarah Mclachlan and Morrisette thrown in for good measure" Where It's @

"She seems to have an innate empathy for the human condition and a gift for poetically expressing it." The Independent - Kevin Jones

"Karyn's music is alive; a breathing beating creature that has sprung mightily from a deep well of human emotion." The Journal - Larry Baker

"A gifted songwriter and singer. If you haven't heard her sing, this is a must. This lady has a gorgeous, passionate voice. " The Spectrum - Ed Kociela


"The sweet melodic tone of her sexy voice transforms in style from one song to the next in a culmination of sounds that leave the listener wanting to hear them again and again." Iron County Today by Carin M. Miller Click here for the full article.

"A terrific blend of pop smarts and filigreed whisps of the kind of technical skill that explain the music degree on the wall and guitar licks that give her songwriting its "off the wall" charm." The Independent by Kevin Jones Click here for the full article or read at The Independent.

"Whittemore's Rock Goddess wails" Where It's @ by Brian Passey Click here for the full article

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