Love Creature @ KTIM 95.3

Tim Porter invited Karyn to come by and promote the Love Creature debut CD on KTIM. 

Karyn Opens Groovefest

Groovefet observed their 10th anniversary this year. To celebrate, they invited the most popular performers over the last ten years.  Karyn was honored to perform at Groovfest on this special occasion this year.

Tracking Vocals.

Tracking vocals for the new album.  I seem to get a new vocal mic for every album.  I used the AT4050 for Slippery Road, the Shure KSM44 for Everything's Changed, and now the Avantone CV12 for the Love Creature…Read more

Editing In The Studio

Editing bass tracks with John Houston.  It's been great working with John on this new project. he's the consumat professional.   It's so nice to work with someone that can wear all the hats of engineer, producer and musician, and…Read more